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Friday, June 18, 2004

I heard on BBC news about how some man has advertised to sell his virginity to the highest female bidder - starting at $11,000!

In America's earlier days, the whole state of Virginia must have been valued drastically lower than $11,000.

How times have changed...!


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Happened to find this sentence on the Net about lying chief executives:

They are discovering that no matter what floor the executive suite is on, it is not above the law.

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Headlines from today's New York Times:

Convoy of Foreign Contractors Is Hit by Truck Bomb in Baghdad

Recruiters Try New Tactics to Sell Wartime Army

In Race to Give Power to Iraqis, Electricity Lags

Unit Says It Gave Earlier Warning of Abuse in Iraq

In some form or another, don't these stories prompt us to ask one more time: could the US, and in a way, the whole world have tried something radically different? (See our second post of January 6, 2004 and the one from November 22, 2003)

In any case, all these headlines are in obvious contrast to the Bush administration's claims about how smoothly things will run in post-June Iraq.

Some stories may be about past events in Iraq or may not be directly related to post-June Iraq, but they do paint a rather depressing picture.


The influence of advertising, the media, and partisan politics, among other things, poses great challenges to clear thinking. The demands of work, a lack of time, and the overwhelming flow of information further add to the problem. Can we rise to the challenge and improve the ways in which we think? Our attempts at better thinking can lead to better solutions and a better life.

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